Parent Info & Packing List PDF

Drop Off:
Camper check-in begins at 4:30pm on the first day of each camp program.

Pick Up:
Camper Pick up is at 9:00am on the last day of each camp program.

For a list of items to bring (and not to bring), view the What to Bring page

Contacting your camper
Due to the daily busy schedule and a desire to keep campers focused on camp we ask that parents limit their contact with campers to the following methods. Family emergencies and special occasions are the exceptions. Campers will not be able to respond to e-mails sent but can send letters from camp in the mail.

Send a letter:
Your camper´s name
C/O Cross Bar X Youth Ranch
2111 County Road 222
Durango, CO 81303

Send an e-mail:

We will print out a copy of the e-mail and give it to your camper.