There are many ways to serve at CBX.  As a small non-profit ministry that provides summer camp to low-income communities, we prefer staff and volunteers who are willing to raise support to serve.  We also understand that finances are a challenging topic for young adults that volunteering for a summer may not be financially feasible.  At the same time, we realize that raising support may seem like a daunting task for those who are inexperienced.

With that understanding, Cross Bar X is equipped to help you with support raising in several ways:

  1. We will match every dollar you raise.  You raise $25, we match that with $25.  This match will cap out at $1000, but if you raise $1000, you could make $2000 during your 7 weeks at CBX.
  2. We will help you craft a letter, provide stationary, postage, and time during your summer schedule to raise support.
  3. For those who are struggling, we will connect you with some of our long-term faithful ministry supporters to help boost your support raising.
  4. We will not let your needs go unmet.  If your car breaks down, you don’t have money for weekend food or have a family emergency that requires urgent travel, CBX will walk with you to make sure these needs get met.
  5. We will pray with you!

Current available positions: (Click on any link to view the respective job description)

  • Program Leader (male and female)
  • Recreation Supervisor
  • Summer Counselor
  • Support Staff
  • Ranch Hand

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