Camps fill up quickly! We only accept 20-25 campers each week unless otherwise noted. If a camp fills up, we will place you on a waiting list. Don’t wait too long to register!

In addition to the online form, you will need to download, print, and complete the forms listed below. You may then scan and email them to OR mail the signed physical copies to us. We recommend downloading, printing, and completing the following forms first:

Disclaimer About The Auto-Saving Feature of this Form

This application will take 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours to complete. Your progress will be saved even if you close your browser or turn off your computer, but it is recommended that you do not use a shared computer, e.g. in a library that will wipe all saved data after use. Instead, we highly recommend using a personal computer. If your “browser session” is deleted or “website data” is deleted, your progress will be lost. In most cases this data is preserved unless it is intentionally deleted.

Camper's Information

Campers must select their birth sex here. Please visit our statement of faith or FAQ page for clarification on CBX's stance on gender/sex.

Father's Information

If the camper's father is not a part their life, the mother's information is required.
If you have a cell phone, that is preferred in case of emergency.

Mother's Information

If the camper's mother is not a part of their life, the father's information is required.
If you have a cell phone, that is preferred in case of emergency.

Additional Emergency Contact

In case of early or emergency dismissal for health or behavioral reasons, the following person is authorized by the parent/guardian to receive the camper if parent/guardian cannot:

The following person(s) are NOT authorized to pick up my child (please include address and phone if known):

Household Information

Check all that apply

2023 Camp Choices

Insurance / Health Share Information

If none, write "NONE" or "NA". All registrants are covered by excess camper medical insurance and subject to the limits thereof. Individual insurance is primary.

Parent / Guardian Survey

We want to determine the best way to work with your family and your child during camp and afterwards. We are thankful for any input you may be able to provide.

This survey is seen only by the camp directors and your child’s camp counselor. It helps us to know what our campers need in the form of encouragement, lesson topics, and possible follow-up ministry. Thank you for your time.

check all that apply

Follow Up Section

At Cross Bar X, we want to be more than just a summer camp experience, but a continued experience in your area too. We believe in continuing our time with campers through our follow up program. Angele and Scar have been spending time with many of our campers throughout the year after school doing any and every activity that campers enjoy, whether that be the rec center, eating ice cream, attending sports activites, having dinner, and more. They care about you and want to spend time with you throughout the year. If you want to be included in follow up, please fill out the following information.

Upload Forms

You may optionally print, scan, complete, and upload the additional forms listed below. If you do not upload them with this application, you are required to physically mail them with your $50 deposit.

Use this in case your files got separated and you need an additional upload field.
Use this in case your files got separated and you need an additional upload field.