CBX relies on volunteer cooks throughout the summer to prepare the food for campers and staff. We ask our cooks to commit to serving for a minimum of one week during the summer. The food, menu, and kitchen support are provided, you simply supply the time and energy!

What the Camp Provides

The camp provides accomodations and meals for the time you are volunteering.

Time Commitment

We ask that our Cooks commit to serving for a minimum of one camp session during the summer ranging from 5 to 8 days. It is preferable that you arrive the day prior to the camp session to meet with our Kitchen Manager and get familiar with the kitchen and menu for the week. We also ask that you stay through the final meal of each session which is always breakfast on the last day of camp.

Position Details

We ask that our cooks commit to preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. You will be provided a menu and kitchen assistance to help with meal preparation. Meals generally take 1-3 hours to prepare. Our breakfasts and lunches are generally lighter meals and do not require as much preparation. For certain camp sessions there may be sack lunches to prepare and/or backpacking meals to assemble. Some camp sessions do not require all three daily meals as campers and staff may be off campus for a day or two.

Christian Background

Cross Bar X Youth Ranch is a non-denominational Christian camp. We desire volunteers that believe in our mission and promoting biblical principles and the gospel of Jesus Christ. All volunteers must agree with our statement of faith which can be found under the About tab and We Believe section of the website.