A different CBX in 2020!

CBX has been holding out hope to resume normal summer camp operations in time for our June summer camp season.  Unfortunately, given the restrictions on camps and child care facilities due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, it is unfortunate that we will have to cancel all overnight summer camps until July 15th, 2020.

We are, however, planning to resume limited summer operations as soon as the state of Colorado allows us to open (we are anticipating knowing this on May 25th and anticipate an opening in early June).  These limited operations include:

  • A day mentoring program for local youth.  CBX is providing mentoring to select youth for one day a week each week throughout the summer.  Youth will come to CBX and get matched with one of our staff.  The day goes from 9am- 5pm and will include activities, Bible studies, fitness programs, skills development, life coaching, and counseling.
  • CBX virtual camp.  Each week, we will release a video for campers to check out.  These videos will include fun camp skits and activities in addition to Bible lessons.
  • It is our hope to resume operations in mid-July to offer a Boys Red Hawk and a Girls Red Hawk camp that would include ages 12-16.  The camp dates for these camps would remain the same as we currently have scheduled.  If you would like to register for these camps, please complete our existing camp application.
  • Camp mailings, phone calls, virtual visits, and several other endeavors to encourage the campers of CBX are also planned!

Safety protocols

In order to maintain the highest standards of health and safety, CBX commits:

1. Hand sanitation stations will be set up around camp and at each activity.

2. Social distancing standards will be kept and used as a gauge for activities.  Camper and mentors will keep a distance of 6′ throughout the day.  In situations where social distancing standards cannot be kept, masks will be worn by CBX staff and campers.

3. Constant reminders: The best policies are those that are remembered. Therefore, we are posting signage and reminders throughout our camps and facilities to ensure that campers, staff, and essential personnel are constantly reminded of our strict expectations.

4. In the event that an illness – including COVID-19 – presents at CBX, our protocol is structured to Isolate, Confirm, Respond, and Remove the impacted campers, as well as communicate with the family. Campers will be isolated in the nurse’s office until they can be picked up by the parents. Other campers will be sent home.

5.  The camp will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

6.  Food will be served as “take out” lunches for mentor and camper to consume remotely.

7.  There will be no congregating of groups larger than 10.

8.  All staff mentors will be background screened.

9.  Staff will be tested for COVID 19 prior to our mentoring season.

10. CBX will limit outside exposure to the camp facility including no visitation from non-essential groups, visitors, and outside vendors.