CBX in 2022!

We believe that kids need to return to normal life activities as soon as possible.  With the progress our country has made with vaccines, treatment, and testing, we believe that a full summer camp season in 2022 is fully possible!  That is why we are preparing to run a complete summer program this coming season and are already planning and hiring staff in preparation for June!

Safety protocols

In order to maintain the highest standards of health and safety, CBX commits:

1. Hand washing stations will be set up around camp.

2. Constant reminders: The best policies are those that are remembered. Therefore, we are posting signage and reminders throughout our camps and facilities to ensure that campers, staff, and essential personnel are constantly reminded of our expectations.

3. In the event that an illness – including COVID-19 – presents at CBX, our protocol is structured to Isolate, Confirm, Respond, and Remove the impacted campers, as well as communicate with the family. Campers will be isolated in the nurse’s office until they can be picked up by the parents.

4. The camp will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

5. There will be no congregating of groups larger than 30.

6. All staff and campers will be screened and evaluated for health by our professional medical staff regularly.

7.  CBX will limit outside exposure to the camp facility from non-essential groups, visitors, and outside vendors.

8.  Campers will receive a intake wellness check by our medical staff upon admittance on the first day of camp.  Campers that do not pass this wellness check will not be able to attend camp.