Dates & Compensation:
  • 1 Year Internship: Variable dates. Free College tuition (through City Vision College), housing and seasonal meal services for a period of one year OR Monthly stipend of $400 plus free housing and seasonal meal services.
  • 6 Month Summer/Fall Internship: May 1st – Nov 1st. $3500 salary includes room and board.
  • 6 Month Fall/Winter Internship: Nov 1st – May 1st. $3500 salary includes room and board.
  • 3 Month Summer Internship: May 20th – Aug 20th

Your duties and responsibilities will vary based on the time of year you intern with CBX. See below.


Interns will agree theologically with our Core Values and Statement of Faith. Interns will agree to adhere to these statements of belief and to direct campers accordingly.

Interns will uphold and work toward attaining the Cross Bar X Mission and Core Values

Our Mission

Cross Bar X exists to reach socially and economically disadvantaged youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through providing youth with Christ-centered summer camps. These give CBX a platform for year-round discipleship, outreach events, and involvement in a Bible believing church.

Core Values:
  • In everything we do, we present campers with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Our desire is that no camper is turned away from Cross Bar X due to a lack of resources.
  • Each camper receives individual attention.
  • We foster spiritual growth through discipleship and mentoring.
  • Campers are encouraged to participate in a Bible believing church.
  • We seek to provide life skills and opportunity for spiritual growth through experiential education
  • We seek to support and enrich the families of our campers.
Internship Overview

Internships at CBX have two primary and uniquely different seasons. We call these the “on-season” and the “off-season.” The “on-season” is from May 20th – Nov. 1st and will be the seasons that you find yourself serving at CBX and COLS exclusively (except for those taking online classes during the fall). The “off-season” is from Nov. 1st – May 1st.

Summer Responsibilities (On-Season)

May 1 – End of August

  • Serve as a counselor and support staff during the Cross Bar X summer camp season.
  • Serve as an instructor and support staff during the Colorado Outdoor Learning School fall season

While counseling, interns will spend 23 hours a day living with campers. Interns will minister to rural and urban youth. When not counseling inters will be on “Support Staff” and will work in the kitchen, assist in leading program activities, and other support duties. Interns will be expected to cooperate in a spirit of teamwork and unity.

Interns will show campers Christ´s love in the excitement of camp life. Some of the activities will include leading Bible lessons, one-on-one counseling, hiking, camping, swimming in the lake, ropes course, horseback riding, skits, archery, and bb-guns. It will be the intern´s goal to make sure that each camper has been presented with the Gospel of Jesus Christ before they leave.

Responsibilities during the CBX summer program:

  • Carrying out the camp program with campers
  • Looking after the health and safety of campers
  • Living with assigned campers day and night
  • Developing close, positive relationships with assigned campers
  • Promptly attending staff meetings
  • Leading or assisting with program activities enthusiastically!
  • Participating with campers in all camp activities such as backpacking, skits, games, swimming, singing, high ropes course, games, except for assigned time off
  • Preparing and teach assigned Bible lessons
  • Making time to meet personally with assigned campers
  • Being an active part of the support staff when not counseling. This may include dishes, assisting the cook, leading, etc.
  • Assisting crafts and other camp activities, life guarding, and maintenance
  • Openly and honestly share needs and concerns with the Camp Director and/or the Program Director
  • Promoting unity by not gossiping, using humor that belittles someone, nor showing disrespect for authority
  • At the end of each or during camp, filling out camper follow-up forms and writing camper birthday and Christmas cards
  • Presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to campers in both group and individual settings, and make sure each assigned camper knows what the Bible says about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Fall Responsibilities (On-Season)

End of August through November 1.

The Colorado Outdoor Learning School is a partner with Cross Bar X Youth Ranch for the purpose of bringing a quality Outdoor Education program to the Four Corners area. We specialize in overnight field trips for 5th grade classes from both public and private schools from western Colorado, northern New Mexico, and the entire Four Corners area. Our two primary areas of focus are 1). Educational development through hands-on standards based lessons, and 2). Character development through challenge based activities.

The Colorado Outdoor Learning School operates on the premises of Cross Bar X Youth Ranch.

COLS utilizes the on-site archery range, canoes on the lake, the equestrian program, and low and high ropes courses to challenge students to think beyond themselves.  Students are encouraged to work together to accomplish goals as a team while learning about their own capabilities when they choose to challenge themselves to conquer new goals.

The intern will serve in whatever capacity needed as assigned by the COLS director to see that the program runs in a highly efficient and professional way.

Responsibilities during the COLS program

  • Leading groups of up to 15 students and be responsible for those students during the time of their trip.
  • Facilitating challenge activities that include but are not limited to, high ropes, low ropes, zipline, archery, horse-back riding, canoeing, and large group games.
  • Learning and teaching our standards based curriculum in a fun, enthusiastic way that captures the attention of all types of learners
  • Assisting in the kitchen when needed
  • Assisting on the dish crew when needed
  • Occasionally helping in the camp store
  • Writing awards for up to 15 campers highlighting quality character traits that they displayed
Winter & Responsibilities (Off-Season)

Winter/Spring Nov. 1st – May 1st

Assist in outreach to campers and their families and camper follow-up during the school year.

This can include planning and implementation of retreats and events for our campers locally in Durango, and in the different areas where our campers come from (Denver, Albuquerque, & Phoenix). Outreach will include recruiting campers, leading bible studies, mentoring local youth, and serving the families of CBX campers. This could involve supporting and serving with our partner organizations in Denver and Albuquerque.

Assist with leading activities at CBX

Interns will assist with facilitating ropes course, horseback riding, and other activities for groups during the winter, fall, and spring.

Serve as ranch hand, maintenance, grounds keeping, and custodial staff as needed year round

Interns will be asked to help out around Cross Bar X in many capacities not limited to the ones above in order to assist in the daily operation of CBX.

Assist with planning and implementation of Cross Bar X and C.O.L.S. fundraisers.

Interns will help with fundraisers for CBX and COLS. Responsibilities may include assisting with marketing the events, donor relations, and assisting with all aspects of the fundraisers.

Responsibilities for Year Long Interns

Apprentice with under at full time staff at CBX (Vocational Track only)

One afternoon a week – providing an opportunity to develop professional skills in a diverse array of areas.

As a non-profit business, CBX staff have skills in several diverse areas. Apprenticeship could include training in the following areas: Construction, graphic design, teaching, auto repair, business, communication, finance, ranch work, food services, welding, fabrication, plumbing, electrical, photography, etc.

Opportunities in most cases will be non-paid experience, however in limited opportunities, compensation may be

Year-long interns will serve as an intern one day a week at a local Church

One day a week – providing an opportunity to serve a local body of believers.

We have several local Churches that are available for you to choose to intern with.

Year-long Interns will attend and participate in weekly classes at The Gospel Training School from Nov. 1st – May 20th

Program is comprised of 6, 8 week Bible courses. Two year program Bible certificate in Biblical Studies available.

  • Hermaneutics
  • Old and New Testament
  • History and Reliability of the Bible
  • Systematic Theology

Off-Season Weekly Schedule for Year Long Interns

  • Monday – Day Off
  • Tuesday – Morning/attend Gospel Training School Afternoon/Apprenticeship at CBX
  • Wednesday – Serve as a volunteer at a local Church
  • Thursday – Morning/attend Gospel Training School Afternoon/independent study
  • Friday – Serve at CBX
  • Saturday – Serve at CBX
  • Sunday – Sabbath


Cross Bar X will provide housing for interns for their entire duration and meals will be provided during the summer camp and fall outdoor education seasons. Limited transportation will be available for those without a vehicle. For the summer and fall seasons interns will be asked to work as full time counseling and support staff. They will be expected to put in the same amount of hours and go through the same training as our seasonal staff. Limited time will be allotted for those taking summer/fall courses to work on studies during the work week. However interns must understand that this time will be limited and that weekend time will be the primary opportunity to study.

Those enrolled in the paid internship program will receive $400 per month of compensation. Additional support may be raised through CBX. Contact us for more details.

Those enrolled in the free college tuition program will receive free college tuition for the fall, winter, and spring terms at City Vision College, a full accredited online college. City Vision offers 3 B.A. programs for undergrads. Non-Profit Administration, Missions, and Addiction Counseling. Additionally, they have a MBA program for Technology in Ministry. Students can enroll in CBX’s intern program for up to 4 years and have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor or Masters degree at no cost! Books are the responsibility of student. Pell grants are available to those that qualify to help cover living expenses. More can be learned at

During the rest of the year (“school year”), interns will be asked to serve for 20-30 hours a week in the capacities outlined above. Cross Bar X will provide time and space for interns to work on their studies, as well as academic and spiritual accountability. CBX staff will train and mentor interns in every way necessary as they work side by side to be a blessing to campers and their families.

Time off for year long interns will be as follows:

  • Post summer break: The Tuesday after summer camp ends through the following Monday.
  • Thanksgiving break: Wed before thanksgiving through Sunday
  • Christmas break: Saturday before Christmas to Sunday after New Years.
  • Spring Break: Saturday for one week through following Sunday the second week of March.
  • Pre-Summer Break: Third week in May

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